I learnt to trust my ideas and my ability

What I enjoyed?

EVERYTHING!!.. But, if I have to be more specific, I would say the positive, caring and supportive environment created by Patt and the other women on the course. I always felt like I was learning so much but at the perfect pace -I was always moving forward and being supported without being rushed.

And…. Pat’s amazing baking

What I learnt?

I learnt how to confidently use ( and love) hand and power tools.I learnt to trust my ideas and my ability – to have belief in the way I approach tasks and problem solve and to be confident enough to communicate my ideas/ suggestions to others.

What I did well?

Although I really enjoyed getting to know power tools, my favourite tools were the hand plane and the square . I loved using them!I created a beautiful and functional masterpiece!

Patt is incredibly knowledgeable and so happy to share thisknowledge with others. She is patient and kind and has a genuine concern for making sure everyone in the class gets the most from their experience. It was a wonderful environment to learn in.

The opportunity this course provides -to balance creativity with knowledge and skills to produce something which has a practical application gave me immense satisfaction.

However, my most satisfying moment was taking my piece home to show the family – they were SO impressed!

Amanda Scott| Division of Teaching and LearningProject Manager | Teaching Quality Processes ProjectSouthern Cross University