It really did look like a professional job!

Cathy Myers October 2016

Patt assured us that using the power tools was no more dangerous than using a kitchen appliance such as an electric blender. That may be so but it was certainly a good deal more exciting and, as the name suggests, much more empowering! The simple action of pulling down the drop saw and seeing it rip cleanly through the wood was extremely satisfying and a welcome relief from the dexterity required when trying to master the hand tools.

For someone who has spent most of her working life thinking in two dimensions and using her head, not her hands, the woodwork course was a challenge. “Simple” things like positioning the try-square the right way round or holding the marking gauge became highly complicated operations in my hands. But I loved the way that our little projects grew every day. I longed for perfection and was so pleasantly surprised when (thanks to the putty and sanding!), all the cracks and bumps were ironed out and I could proudly take home my almost perfect piece. It really did look like a professional job!

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