I am woman. Hear me roar!

I am woman. Hear me roar!

The workshop exceeded my expectations. Its worded right - what you have built into it is the way that women work. We gather, we talk, we exchange - theres different aspects - visual etc.

It takes into consideration how a woman can come to a topic which had been taboo, scary at a long arm distance. It touches part of you thats incomplete. We knew something about a drill and a joint but I will now look totally differently.

Make you feel capable. They seem really small things but I now ‘own’ myself more with this new knowledge.

The steps built slowly on a beautiful foundation - Im not left feeling overwhelmed.

Reclamation of my hands! My hands are doing this!

It feels like my hands have

been firmly placed in my body.

The tools held such a fear but now I can hold them confidently, fearlessly.

Woodwork can be emotional. That was met in the workshop.

My next step:

I want to look at my tools! Id like a power saw. Id like to organise my space.


April 2017