An excellent course which I highly recommend

Thank you Patt for this inspiring journey,embracing the art of woodwork.

I especially appreciate your story about the inception of your woodwork courses, empowering woman to be confident and to have a inner belief in yourself that you can master this craft.

I found the demonstrations and imparting information from how to measure, design, wood knowledge, power tool control, body position, care and respect of your tools invaluable. I felt there was a good balance of keeping the class going while giving overallindividual support and guidance as we worked on our wood project.

Always re-affirming "If I can do it, so can you!"Before I attended this course I never knew or understood what a rebate, housing, butt shelf, marking gauge meant and the list goes on. Through this woodwork experience I haveincreased my repertoire by learning a newvocabulary, and developing skills of making and shaping practical items out of only what mothernature can produce, wood.

In this back drop of creativity and enthusiasm there was an amazing group of attendees sharing stories, goals and humour, supporting each otheron this journey, not to mention the scrumptious hearty eats.

I completed this woodwork coursefor woman feeling proud, satisfied and a sense of achievement. An excellent course which I highlyrecommend.

Lesley Morris