“This course is not just about learning woodwork. It is something much more powerful"

What did I enjoy?

It is hard to single out any one thing that I enjoyed about this course. Not only were there were so many wood working technique “aha” moments, but also personal empowerment “aha” moments. I arrived at the course super-keen to learn at a cognitive level, but privately I harboured a broken spirit due to an earlier attempt to learn, the method of which had been disastrous for my confidence, not to mention an inability to even think I could make a single small thing out of wood.

It is only due to Patt’s teaching method, that a new and more powerful passion has been instilled in me, allowing me to feel confident and unafraid of tackling woodwork projects, and of using both the hand and power tools involved.

A spirit was healed; a woman got her confidence back. The course teaches you a lot about yourself – and this knowledge actually means you are able to understand and learn quicker.

Example: learning the power drop saw – Patt got us to understand what fears you had in your life, and through surfacing these and getting rid of them, you could easily embrace learning how to use the power tools.

What did I learn?

I learnt so much! I learnt about myself, why I lacked confidence, why I was afraid, why and how I allowed my own disempowerment. I learnt how to overcome those barriers, to feel “I can do this”, and “mistakes” are just a chance to learn something.

For example: how to carefully extract a punched-in skew nail without damaging your woodwork piece, even though I should have been more careful when I punched the nail in. Patt’s patience and guidance enables those real learning moments.

I learnt about the different types of wood and how they behave, how grain influences the result of your project. I learnt about how to measure up – and the criticality ofgetting this right upfront, I learnt about the rebate, housing and butt joins, how to use 5 power tools, and many intricacies I never dreamed of.

My ‘sound-bite’ for the course is: “This course is not just about learning woodwork. It is something much more powerful: through Patt Gregory’s unique approach to teaching, the Woodwork For Women course helps you understand and remove the barriers preventing you from learning about woodwork and indeed, preventing you from growing in life as a whole person. You will leave this course feeling empowered, confident, inspired, motivated and equipped with foundation knowledge and skills to tackle projects and begin a lifetime of enjoying woodwork”.

Aileen Taylor